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Monday, July 11, 2005

a Ugoogaly or is it Eulogy

Somberly a young man dressed smartly in a black pinstriped suit, a matching black pinstriped fedora, and black sunglasses, stands up. He fears what the future will hold for him and this lonley bunch of pirates, mothers, mafia hitmen, and other bloggers. Can they survive?

Medium Large Phill clears his throat, sighs and begins to speak:

We are gathered here today to honor the memory of a great, dare i say wonderful blog. A blog that gave us wonderful things like: The adventures of Bono and Adam, A non-comfimed claim to the most-read blog on the internet, and a new reason to eat salads. A blog that introduced us to the Darth Tater, and of course who can forget something like the elephant plungers.

Yet despite our best efforts to get to 500 comments and two loopholes the Platypus Society has died. Soon it shall suffer the fate of all dead blogs, recycling into the ring of ads for male enhancement and pictures of a stupid cat.

We must remain together and pray that out of the ashes ads and cats our beloved Captain will rise like the phoenix.

Thank you all.


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