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Monday, June 06, 2005

The Plague Caught Up With Me

Recently I have been avoiding meme's like, well, the plague. However the evilness that is Abandoned Hero has tagged me. so without much further ado (sigh) here it is. My music meme.

Total Volume of Music on my Compy 386 (God Bless You Strongbad)
This Computer, None
My music/gaming computer, over half the hard drive

Last CD I Bought
Actual CD: Dichotomy A - Grits
Digital CD: Never bought a digital CD I have them though

Song Playing Right Now
The Boy's Gone - Jason Mraz

I'm done with this because I can't pick just five songs that mean a lot to me, and i choose to kill the plague here and now

(Two Sized Note: On second thought i choose to pass the baton onto
Rag Doll


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