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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Now I'm Off To Cry Myself To Sleep On My HUGE Pillow

So I had my final in pre-calculus today, and well I really do believe that I passed like a gremlin passes a porsche. I also have come to the realization that most of my class did about as well as i did. There was weeping, there was nashing of teeth, and oddly there was no lake of eternal fire to be seen. The weeping began when we got the tests. My freind and I weeped as soon as we had a test on our desks, then we saw the first page. Immediately we saw that we had been tricked (or so we thought) the first page was easy! Then I turned to the second page which is when i tired to chew off my tongue for telling myself that the rest of the test would follow suit with the first page. Well after sitting there and wondering whether or not a salmon could beat up a trout I was able to do all the problems that I knew how to. Which is when I took my yearbook out of my nackpack and proceeded to beat myself about the head, neck, and shoulders with it untill my teacher told me that I needed to be quiet so that I wouldn't distract the other people in the classroom. And that is the tory of the fall of the card house of hope.

(Two Sized note: Guess what movie I took the title for this post from and recieve a prize of whatever is in your fridge!)


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