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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

The New Internet Crack

I was so rich. Now I am so poor.
Over 100 credits gambled away.

Why did Blog Explosion create such an addicting way to lose your credits?

Now that I have cried my eyes out I should probably tell you all what I am talking about. At the website that I use to increase the traffic to my blog they have created a new horrfyingly beautiful thing called battle of the blogs. What basically happens is you bet a certain number of credits that your blog is better than somebody elses blogs, hoping that at least five of the nine other people will think the same. The only catch is that you have no idea who you will accept your challenge. Since I have no lcuk at random gambling you can imagine my excitement when I won over 100 credits in one night, so I decided to test my luck, I gambled 100 credits and was defeated 9-0. It sucked I went away and cried myself to sleep. Awaking the next day with my head on a giant tear soaked pillow. I went straght to the computer after drying out my pillow case and attempted to win back my credits. Well that didn't go over to well as now I have but a measily 12 credits.

Oh well since it costs at leat ten credits to battle and its time for another hit of my disgustingly sweet addiction I am off to lose again.

(Two Sized Note: Now that I posted this I just won 4 or5 in a row.)
(Two Sized Note part deux: I have now lost four in a row since posting the first note)


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