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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Terry Schaivo

I have been listening to all the things that everybody has been saying and I am just going to weigh in on the argument.
The term "brain dead" means that there is absolutely no electrical activity in any part of the brain.
Terry Schaivo according to many doctors is not brain dead.

Richard Demme, who leads the ethics committee at the University of Rochester Medical Center in New York. His group is responsible for determining what kinds of life-prolonging medical care - if any - patients want, told WebMD what the term "a cosistent vegetative state" means in the Schaivo case:
"It means the lower part of the brain that tells her lungs to breathe is still intact. But it doesn't mean she has any thoughts or the ability to experience anything," Demme tells WebMD. "Her brain is pretty much full of fluid. Barring some miracle, she will never get any better than she is now. There is nothing in medicine we know of that will make her able to think or experience again. To suggest there are medical therapies that can help her - that all she needs is tender loving care and she will be romping in the back yard again - is cruel."

While this may be true, it gives no reason to pull the feeding tube out of Mrs Schaivo. Especially not if her parents have agreed to pay the medical costs of the tube.

What it all comes down to is that by taking the tube out of Terry Schaivo it would violate one of her inalienable rights. Which are, Life, Liberty, and The Pursuit of Happiness. A person who is brain dead, by medical terms is not alive and therefore has no inalienable rights. Once again Terry Schaivo is not brain dead, she is in "a persistent vegetative state" which by the way is highly debatable, a person who is in "a persistent vegetative state" is still alive and is still has inalienable rights.

Also there is the fact of Mr. Schaivo collecting a 5 million dollar life insurance policy that he has on his wife. Terry Schaivo's nurse for one year has also turned in an accladavid to the Florida Court System and has also gone on Fox News and has stated that Mr. Schaivo was repeatedly heard saying "has she died yet?" and also "Has the b**** died yet?" and again "Why hasn't she died yet?" Loving husband who has his wifes best interests in mind? I think not.

Also while I agree that the government should take action I believe that all that government can do is force the Florida State government to place the feeding tube back in, and if her "husband" (I say that because he has re-married and also has had children with his new "wife") wishes for to end her "persistent vegetative state" and since he sadly has the power of attorney that decision would have to stay and all that the government could legally do would to make her former husband end her life in a way that would be painful. Now before you all condemn me you realize that I do not agree with this but it is the truth as the saying goes the truth hurts.

Note: I have more to say about this issue but right now this is all that I can type because of how disgusted that I am because of what the pitiful excuse for a human who Terry Schaivo made the mistake of marrying has done to her.


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