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Sunday, March 06, 2005

Ok so its time to get serious

Alright its time to get serious about lightning up.
Lately i have noticed that too many people are just
its like all the people that i know have a small tree up their butt
and i know that a lot of them were tired from the play and were stressing over it
but when the people around me are pissy then i too get pissy and i HATE being pissy
And another thing why is being in the play an excuse in the first place?
i've been in two and even during the hardest times i sucked it up and had a god outlook on it
and you know i can understand the people who had 300 lines were stressing out but if you came on three times and had 150 lines and were a jerk for three weeks solid then i have a problem.
i mena not even the lead who had 750 lines wasn't a jerk he was tired but not a jerk
and if it seems like i am in-directly calling certain people out
i am and if you have a problem with it then come talk to me
don't go ranting and raving to everybody that you know behind my back
which is another problem for another time
thats my rant and boy did that feel good


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