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Saturday, February 19, 2005


All that I have to say is that Utah winters ROCK!!!!!
I went skiing with my cousins on sunday (think that God will forgive me for fellowshiping with other christians and skiing at the same time?) and well to say the least it was awesome!!!
There was 24" of new sweet Utah powder and it was still snowing.
It was an awesome day untill I got out to the car to discover that the remote key ntry wouldn't work. That could only mean one of two things; either it got wet in my pocket or....
the car battery is dead.
Guess what, it was the battery. I spent twenty minutes going around trying to find somebody who had jumper cables that were beefy enough to jump Big Tim (2000 Chevy Surbuban).
Well luckily a guy who i had been talking to in the terrain park came up and offerd me his cables and his truck to start mine with. Praise God that they worked. I would not have wanted to ask sit there in the cold waiting for my dad to bring me up a pair of cables or endure the look of "really what were you thinking?"
Well I didn't let it spoil my day and it certainly won't spoil my time with my cousins.
Happy Blogging!!!!!


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